Let's Play!

The Picture Book

The story that inspired the Academy Award®-winning animated short film is now an all-new picture book, available in stores now! We've also released a companion augmented reality app, the IMAG•N•O•TRON, which brings the pages of the book to life. Get swept up in a storm! Transport to another world! Play music! Fly!

"If you loved the Oscar-winning animated short , you will take to heart the book on which the film is based. William Joyce exploits each medium to the fullest, offering moments unique to film and book while staying true to the love story of Mr. Morris Lessmore and his books."--Jennifer Brown, Shelf Awareness

"The picture book version of Joyce's story has a quiet contemplative charm that demonstrates the continuing allure of the printed page. Joyce's work will inspire contemplation of the power of the book in its many forms."--Kirkus (Starred Review)